Tuesday, 06 October 2009 16:22
On July 8, as part of the meeting of the "Observatorio del Diseño y la Arquitectura de la Región de Murcia", All Age City project was presented. A work by MOHO ARCHITECTS and Andres Jaque Archiitects, promoters of the Office for the Urban intergenerationality, with the collaboration of Jorge Ruano.

ALL AGE CITY, quality mark for the urbanization of aging:

In the next 40 years the population will triple over the world. If the current labor structure,in th European Union is kept, it will be one worker for every two retirees. However, the old age has become increasingly social, economic and spatially segregated in the urban fabric , just at the time when the prestige of the city as a place of diversity and specialization reached record highs.

The OUI, OFFICE FOR THE URBAN INTERGENERATIONALITY, promotes ALL AGE CITY mark for cities equipped to promote retention and call for senior citizens.The office takes Murcia as a pilot city of the city network that in the next 20 years will be "ALL AGE CITiES "A context for economic, social and cultural interaction.
Getting the ALL AGE CITY mark costs much less than an Olympics, and places the city in a huge emerging n,ot only economic, market.

Animation for the presentation of the Decalogue

"Urbanizing the elderly" casting